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Many different types of pumps with a wide range of flow rates and discharge pressures are available to meet the requirements of various applications.    
Filter Chambers
Filter chambers are available in metallic or non-metallic materials to provide chemical compatibility with the solution to be filtered.    
Filter Systems
A wide range of filtration systems for use with cartridge, bag, disc, sleeve or permanent filter media.    

Filter Media
A wide selection of filter cartridge styles, material selections andporosities to satisfy almost any filtration application    
Filter Press
Filter presses are ideal for dewatering wastes, reclaiming solids and recovering chemicals and costly solutions.    

Waste Treatment &Recovery
Select from a wide range of pumps, filters and ancillary equipment to design your own customized waste treatment system.    
Backwash Filter Systems
Automatic Backwash Microproccessor Controled Permanent Media Filtration Systems for a Variety of Applications.    

Instrumentation & Controls
Designed to meet today's requirements for cost effective and reliable process controland monitoring    
Heaters with "Safeguard" controls provide safe, efficient and economical heating    

Agitation & Mixers
Direct & Gear Drive Mixers & Eductor Nozzles for agitation & mixing of:
Cleaning / Rinsing / Plating / Waste Treatment and Other Process Solutions
A range of accessories useful for the working enviroment. Available are plastic tanks, valves, hose, clamps, strainers, fittings, etc.    


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